Ensure your Cake is the Centrepiece to your Wedding Day

Here at Little Wren we are very lucky to personally know some of the best wedding cake designers in the local area, in fact they regularly attend our Wedding showcases, tempting brides into some tasty creations. However these truly beautiful cakes deserve to be presented in a way that seizes the attention of everyone in the room! With this in mind The Little Wren Company have put together some tips to keep in mind when displaying your cake.

It’s all about the Cake Stand

After spending all that time and money over your cake, it’s far too special to have it just sit on a table. A cake stand provides the perfect finishing touch, providing height and drama to your centrepiece.  Ensure you find a cake stand that’s the same size or a little bigger than the bottom tier of your cake for a picture perfect look.

Location, Location, Location

Your cake will most likely be on display throughout the day, so ensure you find a space where it can be the focal point of the room. Make sure your chosen place isn’t next to an in-use radiator, or any open windows, you wouldn’t a gust of wind to ruin your decorations, and heat can cause havoc on icing!

All that Sparkles

For a cake that makes an impact on the day, it’s worth investing on a few extras. Little Wren are now offering sequin cake table cloths in a variation of colours to help highlight your masterpiece - nothing works like a little sparkle to grab attention.  For more information please contact the office.

Stunning Cake Boards

Cake boards are what cake designers use to build and transport your cake on, however they’re not designed to be attractive. We recommend asking your cake designer to decorate your board in a style that compliments your cake, or if possible have your cake board disappear by incorporating it into the bottom tier of your cake.

The Dessert Table

If you’re planning a dessert table, why not have your desserts in the same colour set by your wedding cake? This will unify the overall look of your table, and help showcase your wedding cake. The deserts could simply be cupcakes, or sugared sweets, if it fits in with your theme of your day it works!

If you’re interested in learning more about our trusted cake suppliers, or would like more information on our Sequin cake table toppers, please email Tamzin Richardson at Littlewrencompany@gmail.com or call the office directly on 07800 592038.