5 tips for choosing your Wedding Vendors

How many people does it take to pull off the perfect wedding? The truth is A LOT… From florists, hairdressers, musicians, to photographers, caterers, waitresses, we’re not sure even reached half way! As a couple you’ll invest trust in people you hardly know and expect them to excel in their job role, but how do you know if that trust is well-deserved?

At Little Wren we’ve worked with a number of prestigious wedding venues to organise spectacular weddings showcases, with only the best wedding vendors in that area invited to attend. As a result, you could say we’ve learnt a few tips on how to select the very best vendors, and thought we’d let you in on the secret too..

Be Cautious

People are always willing to offer their recommendations, but tread carefully. Your friends may have a very different style or standard than yourself. We would recommend doing your own research and drawing your own conclusions.

Pick up the phone

Once you have a list of potential vendors, ask them for the contact details of clients they’ve worked with over the past year. One or two recommendations will put you at ease with your choice, and help you foresee and plan for any potential problems that may occur.

Ask the Venue

Many venues have a great list of trialled and tested vendors for you to choose from - these vendors will have worked with the venue before, so they’ll already have a good idea on what does or doesn’t work. Don’t shy away from asking the venue direct questions, such as, “do you find this vendor easy to work with?”

First Impressions Count

Make sure you note down your first impression of a vendor. Did you feel you could be yourself around them? Did they appear confident? Your first impression can often be the right one, and it’s worth revisiting those instincts when making your final decision.

Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs offer the perfect opportunity to meet vendors, as you’ll have the chance to discuss ‘weddings’ face to face. Most vendors will also have examples of their work available so you can make sure it fits in with your style for the day. Take the details down of the vendors you liked best and do some more research when you get home.

Little Wren organises spectacular Wedding Showcases around the country, with only the very best vendors in attendance. If you’d like more information please email Tamzin Richardson at littlewrencompany@gmail.com or call directly on 07800 592038.