5 Wedding MUSTS you won’t have even thought about!

Organising your wedding can seem a little overwhelming at times, as there is so much to think of and the pressure is on to have everything perfect. With so many things on your mind it’s easy to forget some of the finer details.

With that in mind, the team here at Little Wren have put together a list of 5 wedding must haves, which are probably not on your radar yet:

Wedding Creche

If children are attending your wedding, it’s certainly worth considering hiring a creche for the day. This can seem an unnecessary expense, but trust us you will be thankful! Those cheeky monkeys can get up to all sorts and unless you have eyes in the back your head it’s difficult to keep on top of their mischief. A creche will ensure they have fun in a safe environment, allowing all parents to relax and enjoy the day.

Chair covers

Chair covers are a stylish way to draw together the colour and theme of the day. They offer that extra finishing touch that ties the room together and creates a real impact when your guests enter to dine.

If you’re consider chair covers for your wedding reception, please get in touch! We have an established reputation for delivering stylish chair covers with excellent customer service, and would be happy assist you in creating the wedding day of your dreams.


Playing music before the reception dinner creates a soothing ambiance for the afternoon. We believe it’s worth you hiring a musician to play an instrument of your choice. You never know it may also sooth the best-man’s nerves before his speech!

Keeping guests comfortable

If you planning a summer wedding and for your guests to be outside for any length of time, it might be worth purchasing some pashminas, wraps or blankets. As the afternoon starts to cool, your guests will thank you for being so thoughtful!

A Late Night Treat

After a little dancing we all get a little peckish. Why not treat yourselves and your guests to a late night treat? This needn’t be an extravagant meal, think cheese and biscuits, mini fish and chips cones or toasties.

If you’re interested in hiring chair covers or would like further information on Wedding Showcases by Little Wren Company, please email Tamzin at info@littlewrencompany.co.uk or call directly on 07800 592038.